Custom Designs

Thinking Solutions is our very talented and creative design team.  Thinking Solutions provides a variety of design services to our industry, but is primarily responsible for the concepting and design of our products.  Within our team, creative design and engineering come together to develop our latest and greatest products for all of our categories – table bases, folding tables, height adjustable, desks and accessories.  The team work closely with suppliers to ensure the highest quality of materials and production is achieved.

Thinking Solutions is often asked to design products exclusively for furnitue suppliers.  This service is open to any of our clients and we welcome the opportunity to discuss product thinking in more detail with all of our valued customers.

Our Thinking Works Solutions Team also provides a highly collaborative design support service that applies our detailed knowledge of specific products and its range of capabilities, enabling us to work with Interior Designers and Architects on customised and unique furniture projects. The assistance provided by our Thinking Solutions team is part of our existing service and is provided at no additional cost.

The Thinking Solutions design team is driven to reduce project and product lead times by collaborating with specifiers to achieve efficient and effective design solutions on complex projects requiring a bespoke approach or high levels of customisation.

U.R. Boat Shape Table

Smooth Round Table

Eona Racetrack Table